Other Written Advocacy

Wall Street Journal
May 2015: Diagnosed With Autism at 21–And OK With It 
May 2015: Ten Things an Autistic Adult Wants You to Know

Geek Club Books 
Monthly column (scroll down to pink tab that says “Read Autistic Speaks”)

Drexel University Life Outcomes Research
Aug 2015: What Does it Dean to be an Adult on the Spectrum?
Sept 2015: What About Functioning?
Oct 2015: Indicators of Adulthood: Measuring Up

Zoom Autism Magazine 
Winter 2015: A Not-So-Different Friendship
Fall 2015: Dear Supermom

Autism Asperger Digest
Sept/Oct 2012: Teacher to Teacher–Five Little Things that Make a Huge Difference for Students with ASD
July/Aug 2014: Autism and Mental Illness
May/June 2015: Parents in Toto Autism Resource Center
April 2015: I (Still) Can’t Play Kickball

Think Inclusive
June 22, 2015: The Reality of Inclusion is Not as Simple as You Think
Feb 2015: Apples and Half-Oranges
August 27, 2014: Until All Means All: Redefining Inclusion
May 2014: Another Take on Autistic Cultural Competency

The Mighty
Jan 2015: To the Dad Who Felt Guilty for Not Knowing How to Raise a Child With Autism
March 2015: To the Uncommonly Kind Stranger Who Helped Me Become an Autism Advocate
Sept 2015: Why My Disability Does Not Make Me Your Inspiration

International Communication Project
(undated): Imagine Being Me. Imagine Being Autistic.

Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism
Oct 2011: A Million Little Things
April 2012: Lydia Wayman and Autism Acceptance Month
Oct 2011: It’s Becoming that Real, Very Sad World
Dec 2011: Ten Tips for Teachers
Oct 2013: Fish Out of Water
April 2014: Autism Acceptance Month 2014: Lydia Wayman

Quality Services for the Autistic Community (QSAC)
Oct 2011: On Identity
Nov 2011: Stuck and Chatter
Dec 2011: Never Beyond Reproach
Jan 2012: I’m All Ears

Autism Women’s Network
Oct 2011: You’re Worth It

Learn From Autistics
Jan 2016: Lydia Wayman on Autism and Hospital Stays

Wild Sister
May 2014: Ageless Friendship

Jan 2016: Growing Sideways

Autism Research Institute
(undated): Fish Out of Water

CVS Caremark All Kids Can
Oct 2011: Author Lydia Wayman on Living with Autism

Where Did the Bird Go
May 2013: Friday’s Sweet Signs of Hope: Lydia

Squag (no longer online)
April 2013: A Tiny Peek
Dec 2013: Ways to Help Your Child Feel More Comfortable at Medical Appointments
Feb 2014: Growing Sideways
May 2014: So You Think You’re Aware?
Aug 2014: Through the Glass Wall
Dec 2014: Ten Tips for a Safe and Joyful Holiday





2 thoughts on “Other Written Advocacy

  1. Lydia – Your “grumpety” post put a half-cocked grin on my face. A second grin came when. I read that you had shared in Portsmouth, Ohio. That area of Ohio stole my heart a long time ago. You reminded me of memories that made me laugh and cry.

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