Interested in having me speak for your group?  

I can personalize a presentations to fit your need at parent support groups, teacher training days, professional events, or children’s clubs and organizations.  Travel distance limited to day trips from the Pittsburgh area.



“After living with my daughter, who has held the autism diagnoses for 9 years, I thought I truly understood it. I did so much research on autism, Asperger, Pdd/nos, and truly thought I knew how my daughter felt, and thought I understood her struggle. Or what I thought was a struggle. I kept wanting to FIX her, getting her therapies,Involved in social groups , tutoring,ANYTHING that would help her. It was not until I heard you speak at the support group last month, that I realized maybe my daughter didn’t want or NEED fixed. Maybe she is happy, having her own special autism “community” as you explained. I was always bewildered on why my daughter was more comfortable with kids like her….kids with autism. After hearing you explain autism, and how you view yourself, as part of a special community, I was dumbfounded. Why did I not realize that maybe my daughter, and many others with autism, May not want to be fixed? Why would someone try to make them be someone they aren’t.? Who am I to judge how she should walk, talk or be friends with? My daughter has never come to me, asking me to help her become NON autistic. She has never expressed sadness at not being as social as some of her friends. Lydia – you opened my eyes and are the voice for many individuals with autism that can’t express their feelings/views. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me hear my daughter, and truly understand what SHE wants. I look forward to hearing you next month.”

– L, mother of 14-year-old girl with ASD

3 thoughts on “Presentations

  1. You do events?? Do you want to come to Buffalo some day and hang out/speak with our ASD group, or do a presentation for campus in general?

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