*At this time, books are not available online.  Please contact me if you wish to order.

What’s up next?

Cats + autism + writing + editing… sounds like the perfect recipe for a great time, and the best thing is that I can say for certain–IT IS!  I have the pleasure of working with Cristina Rouvalis, a local journalist and talented writer, on a middle-grade mystery novel in which one of the two main characters is a sixth grader on the spectrum who has an intense connection with… cats!  In fact, her feline pal is named Lucy Goose.  She isn’t me, not at all, but we want her to be a rounded character, as real and unique as any other.  We laugh with her a lot, but never at her.  We’re still hard at work with lots of tweaking and pruning and perfecting to do.  The story comes entirely from Cristina, and although I can hardly keep track of a plot, I get to build the characters, get some humor going, and edit, edit, edit till my heart’s content!  I say that she plants the forest, and I trim the trees.  We’re a great team!

I’ve written a children’s book that offers the perfect bridge in starting the conversation with your child… the one in which you tell him that he is autistic.  Illustrations are also done by an artist on the spectrum.  This project is complete but on hold at this time until chaos settles down a bit.


Autistic Writes is a collection of my writing samples that serves as a “business card with a bio.”  It’s the perfect way to get to know my story and what I believe about autism in one sitting (under 50 pages).  If you’re familiar with my work, you can check it out to see what I’ve been writing lately; if you’re unfamiliar, Autistic Writes is a great opportunity to get to know who I am and what I believe.

Autistic Writes

Living in Technicolor: An autistic’s thoughts on raising a child with autism “This book will not give you a step-by-step of how-to-raise-your-child. It’s not a memoir, and it won’t tell you how to cure or prevent autism. What it will do is offer the unique perspective of one autistic young woman. It will bring you into her life, her mind, her world. It will explain how she thinks and what she believes, and it will give you her ideas about how to help your child with autism be as content as he can be while still remaining autistic.” Enter into the world of one autistic young woman as she offers parents insight into how she thinks, feels, and acts. Organized by topic, Living in Technicolor contains poetry, blog posts, and question-and-answer sections to give you the inside view on life with autism.


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