Short and sweet and life-changing

I found myself doing my laundry in the kitchen sink (just necessities, because I was so exhausted from moving this week that I just couldn’t deal with machines and the wait time for washing and drying)… and in order to make it tolerable, I thought to myself, well, it’s certainly a fun sensory experience at the least! That’s how I deal with life. When something sucks, I find whatever sliver of fun or good in it and run with it… I hate taking my trash to the dumpster, so when I do, I make sure to get a huge swing and throw it way up, over my head (I hope it never explodes or anything while it’s up there!). I always hated scooping the little box, so I decided that I was digging for treasure as a kid. I even take it so far as to choose to focus on the aspect of changing my ostomy bag as a craft project… there’s cutting and putty involved, to give you context, so it’s not a totally random connection. No matter how much you dread a task, if you find SOMETHING in it that appeals to your nature and things you enjoy… well, you might find yourself doing a jig when you have to scoop the dog poop! Okay, maybe not, but a little chosen perspective can have a big effect on those dreaded little daily tasks.

If you’re laughing at me (and I wouldn’t hold it against you if you are!)… just remember that I’m digging for treasure, doing crafts, and playing in suds… while you’re still focused on bending, sweating, and stinking. I’ll keep my way…



4 thoughts on “Short and sweet and life-changing

  1. Lydia….you crack me up! And not just in a ha-ha sort of way, but in a reflective-amusing-inspiring sort of way! It’s so easy to get discouraged in everyday life, you have reminded me to take the alternate path and invite joy in the mundain. Thank you.

  2. I love this so much! It’s really cool how you do this I’m definitely going to have a go next time I’m cleaning up mouse guts 😉 thank you for being so inspiring

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