The Paradox of Words

I say, words are everything to me.  They are the means by which I take raw experience and process it into a reality that I can understand, learn from, grow from.  

In the same breath, I scoff at what I call “semantic battles.”  

Words are my connection to this world.  They are so much more than just descriptors of what is… they actually shape what will be.  

Yet, I care little whether you refer to me using person-first language (person with autism) or identity-first language (autistic person), because the choice of lexicon has no bearing on who I am.

Which is it, kid?  How do I reconcile this?

I don’t, yet, in theory.  In practice, it is through words, through writing this, that I begin the process of reconciliation.

Perhaps therein lies my answer.


3 thoughts on “The Paradox of Words

  1. I’m almost the same! But with a very small difference: I get incredibly angry when someone else tells me how I *should* refer to myself. Call it a problem with authority if you want. 😛

    I take more issue with the high-functioning label that people are so fond of throwing around than people calling me autistic or a person with autism. As long as they don’t try to push their own words into my mouth.

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