Dear Supermom

I wrote the following to my mom, but I hope all the other moms who read it can do so and hear their children’s voices.  We may not be open about our feelings and appreciation, but I promise that our silence is not because we don’t care.  On behalf of children everywhere, thank you for all you.



Dear Mom,

Your secret is out.  I found the cape in your closet.  The mask too.  And now, the whole world knows the secret behind your indomitable strength, patience, and grace.

I should have figured it out years ago.  Otherwise, it would just be impossible, the way you fight battle after battle, listen to script after script, and clean up oops after uh-oh, all without blinking an eye.

You never stopped trying to connect with a child who wasn’t easily reachable.

You are The One who can stop a meltdown in its tracks.

You know all the routines, inside and out, and you know better than to play with them, because then, they lose their power.

I’m sorry for all the times I took for granted everything you do.  I didn’t know just how special you are.  (I’m not sorry for all the times I asked you to stop dancing in the grocery store, though; that was for the sake of your own reputation!)

I hope you know that when I introduce myself to people who know you already, I could not be prouder than to start by saying that I’m your daughter.  I want everybody to know that I am your child, because I consider it an honor.

For all the times you drive out of the way for something I wanted when you really just wanted to get home and rest, for all the packed lunchboxes and early mornings, for all the stains you get out and the school conferences you’ve attended, I thank you.

I thank you for believing me, never giving up on my ability to overcome whatever is in my path.

But more than that, I thank you for giving me a role model.  You’re true to yourself and you’re selfless, and that is the best example for a child to follow.  I hope that, year by year, I become increasingly like you.

Except, I hope I didn’t get the gene that codes for dancing in the grocery store.


Superkids everywhere


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