Defining Me

What is faith?
It’s knowing that all ability comes from God, and that my job is to hone and develop it so that, some day, I can tell the world just how good He is and what He has done.

What is joy?
It’s spending the wee hours of the morning in a half-awake state… but the half-asleep part of you is spinning, dancing, arms in the air in worship.

What is trust?
It’s wanting, of course I want, to reconnect with people I’ve hurt; but praying daily for the outcome, whatever happens and when it happens, to glorify God.

What is love?
It’s being able to say to the same people that I want them to do what brings them peace and a sense of restoration–and meaning it.

What is perseverance?
It’s messing up… again, and again, and again, and every single time repenting, never losing hope that one day, someday, you’ll get it right… even when everyone else has completely given up.

What is peace?
It’s stopping to crouch down on a curb, on the side of a quiet street, to capture the essence of that moment in your journal, because you’re so overwhelmed by the blessings that you can’t even remember your trials in that moment.

What is friendship?
It’s sharing sorrows, and sharing joys; it’s knowing that there is nothing I need from another person, but choosing to share our lives because He first loved us.

What is contentment?
It’s sharing your twin bed with two kitties for a midday nap, during which none of you actually sleep because, every time you all settle, somebody just needs to pet or be pet.

What is acceptance?
It’s loving someone as they are today, even if they never change…. for who they are, not who you hope they’ll become.

What is hope?
It’s living your story, day by day, not knowing the ending but absolutely trusting that, as long as you put Him first, then your purpose– to glorify Him– will be realized.


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