I guess I’m just in a poetry mood lately

You spoke the heavens into being,
The stars, the earth, and Saturn’s rings

You painted the skies with your fingertips,

Imagined all the galaxies.


Before the first day’s sunrise came peering

After the pale moon of first night

When there was no light to speak of yet,
You had all Creation in your sight.


Since before all time began,
Since before the dawn of ages,

You orchestrate the grandest schemes

All heaven sings your praises.


The wing beat of the hummingbird

That lets him flit and fly

The careful way the caterpillar

Cocoons to become a butterfly


Life comes in so many details

And yet because it is Your way
To the God of life on dainty scales

All heaven sings your praises.


Lord, I see You conduct the heavens

I see You in diminutive designs

Can a God of scales so small and huge

Really know this hurting heart of mine?


To be completely hones t with You,

My heart often feels forgotten,

While Your hands paint skies and wings

I’m waiting, empty, scared and fraught,


“These hands that painted skyward sunsets,

That parted cloud from sea,

Were the same two hands in which I knit

You, my child, into being.


I know what it is to have a lonely heart

I’m all to familiar with Your call to home,
But I promise you, if you wait for Me,

That these hands, from heaven’s throne,


Will be there when you’re crying,

When you need a hand to hold, too,

That I can, because these precious hands

Were nailed upon the tree for you.


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