Conversation with a tree

The unchanging days pass namelessly

From my perch, adorned in rosy garb

Unsuspecting, I note a lofting tree,
Rooted in the yard.

I don’t know whether it is oak or pine,

Nor whether it stands small or great,

If it’s offered shade for a century,

Or held climbing children by its weight.

The striking chord of my friend tree,

Is not the former or the latter,

But the fact that she stands outside the window;

For her roots are all that matter.

Some have roots to another person,

Some have them within four walls,

Some might move them periodically,

I thought I had no roots at all.

For I haven’t any person,

I haven’t any home,
I haven’t any… Anything,

To call my very own.

I looked at my tree and chided her,

How dare you mock me so?

You tantalize me with your roots,

Right outside my window.

My tree, she answered, timidly,

Oh, friend, I never meant you harm,

I only meant to give you cause,

To pause and make your heart grow warm,

For when I look at you, I wonder,

What it must be like,

To have roots in a Person,

One made of Love and Light!

One Who will never leave you,

Nor of your musings tire ever,
One Who is always with you,

In Whom you might find rest, wherever.

I found myself quite lost for words,

Apologetically, I said,

My tree– I had no idea,

And this is what she plead:

I bid you, when you look at me,

That you promise to recall,

Your sweet Savior, ever there,

The deepest Root of all.


6 thoughts on “Conversation with a tree

  1. Thank you sweetheart!

    I had a really rough day today and saw this as a message direct from the Throne …

    I wanted to go right to bed when I got home, to completely ignore my email and not interact with anyone. When I read this it made me cry … I know now that my complaints have been heard and a time is coming (and may not be far off indeed!) when those and all other problems will cease to exist.

    I want to sent you a hug and a kiss and tell you thank you for being the messenger!

    I’ve read your thoughts for some time now and though we have never met I consider you one of my dearest friends. You’ve gotten me through some of the darkest years of my life and and one day I hope to be able to stand in your presence in Heaven and say Thank You! Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was saved. Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am so glad you gave!

    I love you, Dear Sister!

    Jeffrey Bottoms

  2. This is beautiful, Lydia. I’m so glad to see you writing again and I don’t really enjoy poetry much in general but, I loved this! Thanks for sharing this.

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