Well, it’s 6 AM and I’m wide awake.  My nerves are getting to me, interrupting my sleep.  As an aside, for whatever reason, I can’t really seen the screen even with my glasses on… and for another, there’s a Lucy Goosey up here “helping” me too.  Thus, typos are to come, I am sure.

Some months ago, back when I was a regular blogger and all, and I think it was around Christmastime, I wrote a post explaining that sometimes, all we (autistics) is to get a break from what we “should” be and to be who we really are.  And so, in the piles of Christmas and birthday presents, I think that the child should certainly receive therapeutic toys, but also receive what he wants.  This might mean that you’e 15-year-old grandson get Thomas the Tank Engine toys.  It might be that your young adult daughter wants a specific doll.  If you ask me, that’s perfectly acceptable.

I spent last week in the hospital trying to sort through some serious GI issues and of course we are no closer to figuring things out than they were when I went in.  I have an appointment with gastroparesis specialist on Monday.  My PCP wanted me back in the hospital yesterday but I convinced her to let me try to stay hydrated at home.  The scary part is my blood sugars, of course.  With the GP, they swing wildly and are downright impossible to control.

Anyway, as I laid in the hospital and paced the halls with my IV pole, friends stopped in almost everyday.  Each time, the friend would ask what she could bring, and each time, I said, “I just want to see you!”  Yeah, right.  Silly friends insist on gifts.

And I was so excited at the realization of how well my friends know me.  I have a giant cat stuffed animal, and a giant black lab puppy one, cat magazines, cat bracelet, even a little rose bush.  Yes, I’m 24 and probably “shouldn’t” love stuffed animals like I do.  I say, who cares?

Speaking of 24, I may be getting old, here. I still can’t see the screen.


PS- Happy 500th blog post to me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Revisited

  1. How very awesome that your friends are so thoughtful. My son is 10 and often either wants things that are not age-appropriate or completely random things which are props he uses to reenact movie bits. I agree with you, he deserves to receive what he wants, not what society has determined he SHOULD want. I teach him skills that will help him function in society, but home is haven and we all deserve that.

    I do worry sometimes about how his visiting friends view his collection of toys. This post reminds me what I should already know. His true friends won’t care. And there are people out there who know how to accept a person.

    Thanks for this post! Congrats on your 500th!! And watch those blood sugars!!! That’s serious business. 🙂

  2. Great to hear you had some good company while you were in hospital. Sending you happy thoughts for a speedy recovery

    Also wanted to let you know you have quite a following here in Scotland – first step on your world tour!!

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