Lucy update

Are you tired of kitty posts yet?  I’m not.  I’ll try to lay off the kitties after this post, for your sake, but please allow me one more post in which to introduce you formally to Lucy Belle.

The two words I’d use to describe Lucy are “sweet” and “assertive.”

We’ll start with sweet.  This cat loves to be pet.  She will head butt, and cuddle, and chirp.  She is the cutest, roundest little thing, and you just can’t help but to want to cuddle with her.  She lays on my bed and snuggles with me.

As for assertive, Lucy is a Master of the Swat.  If you pet her too long, she’ll swat.  If you don’t pet her long enough, she’ll swat.  If you try to touch that oh-so-cute belly when she roly polies… she’ll swat!  The swats aren’t mean, at all.  No claws.  No ears back.  No growling.  They’re just meant to get your attention, and they do the job!  As Lucy and I adjust to each other, I’m getting really good at reading her, so I only got swatted once, the first ten minutes she was here.  I have a bit of a system to petting her.  Pet 2-3 times, pull back.  If she head butts, she wants more.  If she roly polies, she’s done for now.  Then two seconds later she’ll head butt again and you’re petting her again.

Lucy is just the easiest cat.  Don’t get me wrong- I love Elsie more for having cared for her so much- but it was exhausting and stressful.  Elsie woke me up several or more times every night.  She had to eat every 2-3 hours.  She needed medicine.  She threw up several times a day.  She used the litter box constantly, and it smelled so bad I had to clean it all the time (2-3 times a day).  And then there’s Lucy Belle, who just… cares for herself!  She lets me sleep through the night.  She self-monitors her eating (I just scoop 1/4 cup of Purina One into the bowl twice a day, and she manages to spread it out).  The litter box doesn’t even stink, and it’s currently in the middle of the room (we’re working it over to the litter box closet, slowly).  Of course she comes over and pokes at me for pets sometimes, but that’s a joy to be had.  I had gotten to think that having a cat meant having an old, sick cat, and I can’t believe how easy a young cat is!  Although, I hope and pray that I have Lucy until she’s an old cat and get to care for her someday too.

My number one worry with Lucy was that she would scratch my brand new sofa.  I bought her a nice, big scratching post (over 2 feet tall) and rubbed it with catnip…. and good little girl scratches it right up! She knows just what it’s for.  She gets really into it, so it’s kind of funny.

Speaking of funny, she is just the funniest cat.  I don’t know how to explain it.  She never, ever stops moving (hence the lack of photos in this post- I can’t get any!).  She dives, and rolls, and chirps.  She is very round.  Her face, her tail, her body, her ears… all round.  Very broad and stout, as opposed to dainty little Elsie.  She’s constantly putting a smile on my face.

A dear friend told me something very smart.  She said that kitties are like babies.  You don’t have to love them right away.  You have to take care of them and be nice to them, and the love will come.

And it will.  I know it will.  For both Lucy and I.

As I said on Facebook, some little kitty is stealing my broken heart… and making it whole again.


11 thoughts on “Lucy update

    • There are photos a couple of posts back 🙂 She never, ever stops moving so it’s really hard to get a photo of all or her, or even her face! The one I have is from when she had just got here and was hiding behind the toilet LOL.

  1. I’m another one of your readers who will NOT get tired of kitty posts. Keep us in the loop as you continue to get acquainted with your Lucy.

  2. Absolutely NOT tired of kitty posts!! I am so happy to read of your new adventures with Lucy B.! I am sure there will be many more. It’s nice to see your heart stretch & read the smiles in your writing!

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