New every morning

So, I started to type this to you from my new iPad, but since I don’t have a case yet, it sits at a funny angle and I tend to hit wrong keys all the time because it wants to tip.  So, maybe when I get the case I’ll type to you from the iPad.  Suffice to say that it is absolutely awesome, and that I am forever grateful to for granting it to me.  (Note to self: After therapy session with iPad, write thank-you note to Act-Today…)

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut.  Every day feels the same, every week the same as the last.  I wake up, Diet Mountain Dew, type, get ready, staff, DMD #2, mom calls, staff, shower #2, type, sleep.  Day in, day out.  Every week, I have staff on Monday, (Tuesday is currently unstaffed), Wednesday, and Friday.  I go to bible study.  I see Mom on the weekend.  Week in, week out.

Every day there is cleaning, vacuuming cat litter, cleaning up cat throw up.  Elsie P’s been in a spiral, so, oh, is there cat throw up.  She woke me up at 6 AM (hence my typing to you pre-8AM on a Saturday) to eat, and it’s stayed down these last two hours, so, so far, so good.  Won’t be overly optimistic because I know how this cat works.  I also know that, in the end, she’ll pull through.  That’s my kitty girl.  Lest I sound like I resent her for her cat-litter-tracking and up-throwing, I don’t for a second.  I mean, I don’t enjoy those things… in fact, cleaning up after her often makes me sick, too… but she’s my kitty and it’s my job and that, well, that’s that.

Thus, when I woke up at 6AM, knowing that I was unlikely to go back to sleep, I was thinking, okay, self… what is new today?

Therapy?  Nope.

Church? Nope.

Typing?  Nope.

And then, I had two thoughts that collided with one another.

The first was that, who needs “new” when you have what I have?  I have an amazing therapist.  I have an incredible church home.  I am able to type.  I even have an iPad, my goodness!  Why do I search for this “new” thing when I have so much?  I need to revel in what I do have and lay off the “new” search.

Second, I thought to myself, that His mercies are new every morning.  And, after all, isn’t that what matters?  Who needs new stuff or new people when you have a God who, upon waking each day, forgives you all over again?

Not me.  No, not me.


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