Meet Scarlet: Chapter 3

Scarlet couldn’t believe that it had really been a month that she’d been typing.  So many of her thoughts had left her head to meet with Mom and Dad’s eyes.  She could now press the “speak” button on her app on the iPad, and it would read whatever she had typed in a voice that wasn’t so very different from her own.  Scarlet had a voice!

Please contact me at if you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Scarlet’s Voice.  All proceeds go toward service dog fundraising!


4 thoughts on “Meet Scarlet: Chapter 3

  1. Wee typo… when you talk about Scarlet being in the class for autistic kids, and you talk about how she is there for most of the day, you used Aimee’s name once instead of Scarlet’s. It’s a little confusing because it sounds like Miss Aimee isn’t with Scarlet all day.

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