Meet Scarlet: Chapter 2

Saturday.  It was Saturday!  Scarlet carefully peeked her head out of the covers on her bed.  As she did every day, she thought to herself, I just know this is going to be a great day!

Please contact me at if you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Scarlet’s Voice.  All proceeds go toward service dog fundraising!


4 thoughts on “Meet Scarlet: Chapter 2

  1. ugh. . . you made me tear up! CURSE YOU!

    I have a question for you, Lydia. I want to help Lily with her iPad work. Right now she’s very much smash smash smash, and even when she uses her “pointer finger” to point correctly and appropriately, sometimes her knuckles brush something unintended and she doesn’t see the success she should since she totally did it right!

    So I had this BRILLIANT idea (at least in my head). She tolerates gloves, and I was thinking that I could fashion her an “iPad training glove”. . . Just one of those soft knitted gloves that they sell at target in various colors but with the index finger of her right glove hand cut so that the only finger the iPad would sense would be her index finger. She could brush the screen and it wouldn’t change it to another app. She could slap at the screen and it wouldn’t close the app or hit unintended targets. The only way it would work would be when her index finger touched what she was pointing at.

    Also, I have a question for you. Do you have an iPad? I got (from Lily’s teacher at school) a blog post titled “5 Steps to Getting an iPad Covered by Insurance: A Mom’s Story of Success”. Although I don’t know that the process would work for us, it might work for you and your mom and was curious if you wanted to see it. I can email you a pdf of it (I scanned it at work) if you’d like to look it over and see if you think it might be something from which you could benefit (meaning, maybe insurance would cover it).

  2. Hey Jim!

    Smiling now?? 😀

    I think your iPad training glove idea is brilliant, totally brilliant!

    I was granted an iPad through I don’t have it yet, but it’s coming soon. So, while it wasn’t covered by insurance, I didn’t have to pay for it (I couldn’t if I needed to). Thanks so much for your offer, though 🙂

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