Grumpety grump grump

It’s not the time of year for grumpeting.  And yet, here I find myself.  Sometimes, I hate being an adult.  If I had $40 to spend, which I don’t, but if I did, I’d want to spend it on Disney stuffed animals of the Pooh line.  Or an iPad case, pink, to be sure.  But, no, I have to be adult and spend that large sum of money on… checks.  “Here, let us take your money so that you can spend more money you don’t have and don’t want to spend.”


I will not sit in this grumpety place.  I will dig my way out, one handful of grumpety dirt at a time.

One.  I am grateful that I got to celebrate my birthday and Christmas with my staff tonight.  Staff forgot the cupcakes she made me (gluten free!) so we went out for ice cream.  I had a pecan ball.  We all gave each other presents.  I had knitted hats for them.  I received a business card holder (mine were living in a nasty, beat up box) and a Target gift card.  It’s not really about the presents, but it’s much easier for me to report to you about the exchanging of gifts than it is to discuss what it was like to say goodbye to one of my staff.  It was her last day.  If I knew how to make a teary-face with the keys, I’d put on here.  But I don’t, so just… pretend.

Two.  I am grateful that we balanced my checkbook in no time flat tonight.

Three.  I am grateful that, when I couldn’t find Elsie P earlier (don’t ask why I freak out… it’s not as if she can osmosisize through the wall…), she was in the cutest place ever: in a ball under my blankets on my bed.  Oh, oh, the cuteness.  Of course, I had to shove my head under there with her and cuddle her squinty, furry little self.

Four.  Just this:


Five.  Friends, near and far.  I have old friends and new friends, friends I’ve spent countless hours with and friends I’ve never met, old friends and young friends, silly friends and serious friends, verbal and nonverbal, autistic and typical as they come, friends who travel the world and friends who rarely leave home, friends of every sort.  I need them.  Every one.  And you know, I think the world needs every one of them too.


As for that $40, I count myself blessed that, even though I really didn’t have it to spend… I did, and I could, and I got what I needed.  There were many months that I wouldn’t have been able to do that, and there are many people surrounding me who can’t even now.  And, I’ll be darned, I’m grateful that those checks have Mickey Mouse on them.


3 thoughts on “Grumpety grump grump

  1. I read that title to the tune of “Frosty The Snow Man” “Thumpety thump thump thumpety thump thump, Look at Frosty go. . . “

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