Gimme five

If I wanted to fuss, really, I could.  I could fuss about the ignorant comment made by the dermatologist the other day.  I could fuss about being in the ER this afternoon.  I could fuss, if I wanted to.

But I choose not to fuss.  I choose to think about the good things from today.

I choose to focus on the fact that I am the proud owner of Good Eats Volume 1, by the one and only Alton Brown.  I bumped into the UPS truck on my way to get the mail today, and the UPS man delivered it.

And I choose to focus on the fact that I was approved for an iPad grant.

And how about the fact that my mom’s best friend B was able to take me to the doctor not only yesterday but to the ER today and stay with me the whole time.  I won’t go into detail about the reason that brought me there, but let me say that it would take only a true friend to stick by me through that.

And then there were all the doctors and nurses and techs and aides at the ER.  Not once did I even have to pull the autism card and explain myself, because every one of them was so good at doing their jobs, reading people, and giving quality care.  I never felt embarrassed or ashamed or scared.

And finally, the Big Bang Theory is on TV… so I’m a-gonna go watch it!  And laugh hysterically…



4 thoughts on “Gimme five

  1. Yay for positive attitude! Yay iPad grant! Yay mom’s best friend B! Yay Alton Brown! Hey. . . by the way, sidebar topic (though somewhat related). . . who won The Next Iron Chef?? I saw a tweet by Alex, so I know it wasn’t her. And I saw the episode where Ann got ousted. Who won????

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