Don’t Mind Me

I had a half-dream (you know, half awake and half asleep) that I wrote a post entitled “Don’t Mind Me.”  I have no idea what it was about that it carried such a title, but, well, there you have it.

Aside from waking up to clean up cat throw up and get a drink, I’ve been sleeping since 4 PM yesterday (it’s 8 AM the next day).  I wake up to have staff, and then I crash again until staff comes back.  So, I’m basically sleeping about 20 hours a day.

I told the doctor this.

“Get more exercise and lose some weight.”

I just got done telling you that I can’t pull myself off the couch long enough to type a blog post, that I can hardly walk across a parking lot without needing to sit down because my muscles shake and ache… and I just got done telling you that the new diabetes med I’m on has me sick to the point that I only eat some hundred calories a day…

Did you hear anything I said?  Of course I want to “get more exercise” and “lose some weight”!

But wait, it gets better.  I called a different doctor’s office to see about a second opinion (this doctor himself fully admits that he doesn’t know what to call whatever I have… I’m being medicated for lupus but not diagnosed with it, at this point)… anyway, the new doctor’s office made a huge deal out of me wanting to switch.  They would “have to see” if they could “possibly try to fit me in,” if one of their doctors was “willing to see me.”  You’re doctors; I’m a patient.  What on earth is the problem here?  They act like I’m trying to pull one over on someone for wanting a second opinion.  Well, when the first opinion ignores my medical history and has no idea what’s wrong, I think a second opinion is in order.

Well, then.  Look at me grump.

Don’t mind me?


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