I’ll be me; you be you

My birthday has been explosively good, lest you wonder.  I revel in each and every declaration of “happy birthday” that comes my way.  Oh, it is glorious.

I won’t keep you long this night.  Frankly, I’m too wound up to sit and type for very long!

And so…

I’ll be me, and you’ll be you.

I mentioned to someone that I can, more or less, “pass” for typical in daily life.  But you know, so many of the things that would make life easier for me would mean that I would no longer pass.  And so, I avoid doing those things, even though they would help.

And the question is, why?

Why does it matter if I look typical or not?  Why is that even the goal?  Shouldn’t our goals, instead, be to look like who we really are?

So if being “me” means ordering my food by typing, or having a little toy with me, or what have you, why is that a bad thing?  Why do we judge it to be bad?

My goals they are a-changin’.

I’ll be me; you be you.


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