Meaning of Christmas

Do you love stuff?  I do.  I love my stuff.  And, even at the ripe old of age 24 (oh, hush; I’ll be 24 tomorrow, okay?), sometimes I still get wrapped up in all the awesome “stuff” involved in Christmas.

And you hear so very much about (cue music) The True Meaning of Christmas.  And me?  I never got what that was.

Until my pastor explained it in his sermon last week.  Christmas.  Emmanuel.  God with us.

Still not sure?  Don’t worry; I wasn’t either.

Christmas is about the ways in our lives in which God is truly, truly with us.  Clearly, this doesn’t just happen once a year.  So whether it’s the time you lost a loved one, or the time you were terrified, or the time you were unsettled (who, me?) and God brought peace to your soul, that, right there, is what Christmas is all about.

Emmanuel.  God with us.

Doesn’t sound much like stuff, does it?

For a girl so poor as I appear to me, boy, am I rich, and in every way.  From my service dog, to my cat, to my mama and my sister, to my friends, to my puzzles and books, to my Alton Brown DVDs… I want for not a single thing.

But what about the kids who do?

Sierra Leone has been called the worst place to live on the planet for I don’t remember how many years.  Quite a few.  The country, torn by civil war, has not recovered.  The government is corrupt, the children are starving, and schools are few and far between.

My good friend had the chance to go there over the summer, and one of my pastors goes frequently.  In fact, my head pastor has two children from Sierra Leone, and he, along with four other fathers, founded EduNations.  Thus far, EduNations has educated nearly three thousand children.  They have built several schools, and they give the kids a hot meal each day.

This isn’t about Santa Clause, and this isn’t about the coolest toy this year.  This is about kids who know the meaning of Emmanuel, everyday.  They have nothing, but they have everything.

I’ve long prayed for a way to contribute to EduNations.  I don’t have money.  But what I do have?  I have writing.  And I’ve pondered and queried, how can my writing help?

Well.  From now until January 1st, each book of mine I sell, I will donate all profits to EduNations.  After all, my dog is funded, my belly is full.  My goal is to raise $100 dollars and support one child’s education for one year.

Please consider showing a child one more way of knowing what Emmanuel means, by giving them an education and a hot meal each day.

I know this isn’t what you expect coming to an autism blog, but there is so much more to life than autism.  Sometimes we have to set aside the things right in front of our eyes and look at the bigger picture.
Emmanuel.  God with us.


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