The obsession chooses the girl

It’s an interesting concept, really… why do I have the obsessions I have?

Don’t get me wrong; I like them.  In fact, I like them so much I can’t imagine myself without them.  But some of them are a little, well… unexpected.

The cats, I’ll give you.  Cats make sense.  My mom and my sister like cats (granted, nowhere near to the extent that I do).

Other things over the years have been more or less typical.  Tap dancing.  Spanish.  Dolls.  Medicine.

And then, out of left field, we get Food Network.  Ask anyone from around here and they’ll tell you how crazy-limited my diet is.  Chicken tenders, yogurt, cheese, potato products, broccoli… and there you have most of it.  But when I moved from Mom’s, where I watched incessant Discovery Health Channel, to my own apartment, where there was no DHC to be watched on this TV…

FN stepped in after all of three seconds of being here.  I can remember, too, back in those first weeks, saying, “I will learn to like you!”

Ha.  Like.  Oh yes, you could say such…

But the thing is that I never would have chosen Food Network, per se.  I would have chosen something like, oh, the bible, maybe.  How awesome would it be to memorize long passages and discuss exegesis?

Nope, I got Food.

After all, the obsession chooses the girl.

Of all the FN chefs, I have a very, very favorite, Anne Burrell.  She’s fun, she’s quirky as can be, and she’s an amazing, no, ridiculouslycrazyawesome chef (not that I’d probably touch any of the food… sigh).  Oh yes, she’s my favorite.

And she’s on The Next Iron Chef this season, in which ten “super chefs” are battling it out to become said Next Iron Chef.  So far, she’s kicked some super chef butt.  And tonight, she cooked flawlessly…

But, she was outcooked by another awesome chef.

I froze.


I jumped on Twitter and sent her a message telling her that she’s still the best chef in my book.


You see, for how many weeks (six, I think), my weeks have revolved around Sunday evenings in which I get to watch Anne.

I guess I’m going to have to go buy her book and obsess over that.

Yep, the obsession chooses the girl.  And Anne, you’re no less awesome.


3 thoughts on “The obsession chooses the girl

  1. I used to have the Food Network. Loved Iron Chef America and Good Eats. I still watch ICA on YouTube occasionally ( and I agree, Anne Burrell is pretty cool) Also, I have Asperger’s Syndrome, so the whole obsession thing? Been there, done that. Still do. 🙂

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