Where is my bug?

I’ll probably ditch this post before I publish it, because, like posts have been doing lately, it probably won’t sit right with me and come together nicely.

My bug went somewhere… you know, my writing bug, or muse, or inspiration, but I think of him as a bug.  He up and left, and now here I am with so much going on and nary an angle on said goings on about me.  Come on, bug.

Still no bug?



Darn bug!



Since we’re still bug-searching…

I wanted to tell you about a conversation I had with Mom the other day.  She called; I picked up.  She talked.  I didn’t listen.  I was very involved in something online and the TV was on, and so, rather than, “Can you hang on a sec?” or “Can we please talk later as I am otherwise engaged at the moment?”  What do you think I said?

I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU!!!!!! Oh yeah.  Nice one.

Thankfully, it was Mom, and she knows “overwhelmed autistic girl” speak for, “Hey, now’s not a good time.”

As always, I will try harder next time.

Off to search for my bug again.


One thought on “Where is my bug?

  1. You need not search for “an angle” or try to wake up that sleepy little bug inside you. All you have to do is post something of your interactions with your mother and it goes straight to my heart. Thank you for the insight.

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