Finding my voice

I’ve found my voice now.

But I know what it is to be silent.

I know what it is to suffer,

Unable to express yourself.

To be in objection but unable to say no,

To be in fear but unable to scream for help,

To be grateful but unable to thank.

I think of the many,



Who spent their lives in silence.

A voice is not talking about the weather,

Or cheering on your team.

No, it is expressing who you are.

We have so long said,

“Your voice is meaningless,



I am only not the color of my skin,

The person whom I love,

The diagnoses on my name.

Yet I am all of those things,

And so much more.

It is your choice, you see,

Whether or not you listen to my voice.

But it is not your choice

As to whether or not I will speak.

And I will speak.
(This is my thank-you to Steve Jobs.)


One thought on “Finding my voice

  1. Oh, Lydia, I’m SO glad that you have found your voice and that I get to hear it. That we all get to hear it. You have profoundly important things to share.

    Thank you,

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