Just a bit of business

I was so excited to meet one of my blog followers tonight for the first time (as in, first time I met her and first time I met a blog follower I hadn’t previously known!).  It was awesome.  She actually introduced me when I spoke tonight.  I won’t forget how cool it was.

Anyway, I’ll move this onto its own tab on my blog, but I wanted to make sure it got its due share over here.  I’m booking speaking events in the Pittsburgh area for this winter and in surrounding states for next spring, once the weather breaks.  I have a presentation that’s aimed at parents and one that’s aimed at teachers/clinicians.  I’m getting really, really good feedback.

Please contact me at autisticspeaks@gmail.com if you want to get any more information.  Also, please spread the word!



5 thoughts on “Just a bit of business

    • I saw something on Twitter that you’d said and it startled me. LOL. I don’t mind sharing, so long as people place the “s” correctly 😉 I must ask, though- what IS Autistics Speaking Day? I haven’t been able to get a good idea from what I’ve read.

  1. This is just so cool! When I think back to where you were when we “met” to where you are now – it’s amazing.


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