One (awesome!) day in the life

Saturdays are Momday.  In other words, we spend our Saturdays running errands and having fun together… the mall is often involved.

No day holds a candle to today, though.  Yeah, there was speech loss.  And I almost melted once or twice, including squealing and getting loud in the middle of the store (Mom was simultaneously on the phone with Sister and trying to tell me to hurry up making up my mind.  Uh, I needed her help!  I was stuck!).  Oh, and I didn’t even step into the main room of the church service today.  I hung out on the couch outside, where the music is quieter and the lights are fluorescent.  It… helped, sort of, I guess.

But forget all that.  I’ll never remember those things, anyway.  They’re just part of my personal brand of autism, and they come with more days than not.  So be it.  Not gonna get me down.

Mom came over around noon.  We stopped to eat, and I got the usual.  Then, we headed to the zoo to see the tigers.  Mom mentioned that it was supposed to rain, and that maybe I might choose somewhere else to spend the day.  I had asked if we could go to the Disney store for my birthday, as they closed ours and now we have to go an hour away with lots of traffic to get to one.  Mom said of course.

“How far away is it, mileage?” she asked.


“Want to go?”

“Can I pick one small thing out for when you go away?  I can definitely not spend lots of money, but it would be hard to not bring anything home.”

She said of course, and so we went.

I was excited.  New mall, new adventure.  Neither of us had ever been there.  We had to look the Disney Store up on the directory.

Oh, the gloriousness of it.

I explored the store from top to bottom.  I aimed to pick out the perfect thing to bring home for when Mom goes away in October.  I hugged stuffied animal after stuffed animal.  I admired every t-shirt.  I checked out the Christmas ornaments.

Mom found a Pooh hoodie on clearance.  Meaning, because it’s Disney, it’s still nearly double the price of any typical hoodie (note that I avoid using the word “normal” even in reference to hoodies, anymore).  “Try it on.”  Perfect.  Mom will give it to me in December, for my birthday or Christmas.

Then, also on clearance, I found a t-shirt, also Pooh.  It’s gray and it says “Be Natural.”  It was actually a good deal.  That’s the present for going away.

Finally, I was eyeing some of the littlest stuffed animals.  2 for $8.  Then Mom said, “Or you could pick out two big ones and get them for Christmas or birthday, too.”  I knew just who I wanted… the most huggable of them all.  Pooh and Eeyore.

I hope you don’t think I’m a spoiled little brat.  I mean, yes, I might be a little spoiled… but I wouldn’t say I’m a brat.  I don’t expect gifts, by no means.   I’m crazy-immsenely grateful for when Mom does things like this with me.  I just get really, really excited over shopping.

I am a girl, after all.

But the best part, the part I would never trade, is the carefree day with Mom.  It was like Lydia Day, for no reason at all.  It was all fun, nothing to drag me down.  There was ice cream, there were shoes, there was Joann’s, and there was Disney… but most importantly, there was Mom.

Now, you can’t argue with me, can you?  My mom’s totally the coolest.


2 thoughts on “One (awesome!) day in the life

  1. Your mom is perfect for you that’s why she’s your mom. But you know what you put a whole room of girls like us together and ask who has the best mom or the coolest mom? Everyone will say yes and the neatest thing? They’d all be right!

  2. I’m so glad you got to have a “Lydia” day. Those are so special – not just for you but for your Mom too.

    I like Pooh and love Eeyore 🙂

    Mrs. E.

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