Gotta watch it!

Scene: Lydia and staff are getting into the car at 8:30 in the morning.  They will go to bible study and then to swimming.

Staff:  Did you pack your suit?

Lydia: Yes.

Staff: Did you pack your clothes?

Lydia: Wearing them.

Staff: Did you pack your towel?

Lydia: Yes.

…and so it goes on, down through the list…

We get to swimming, pulling into the parking lot.  It’s around the corner from church, where we’d just been.

Lydia: Oh.  I wouldn’t have my staff.

Staff: What?  You said you did.

Lydia: I do not.

Staff: But… you said…

Lydia: You didn’t ask if I had it.  You asked if I packed it.  I did pack.  Only, it’s at home.

Staff: You’re right, I did.


Now, let me just so that not for a second would I blame anything on staff for me forgetting my stuff.  Oh no.  Not a bit.

But when she asked me if I packed things, I saw in my head myself putting my things in my back.  And I did do that.  So, yes, I’d packed.

You have to use very, very specific language with me in order to call up the image in my head the corresponds to what you want me to be thinking about.  Unfortunately, it’s hard for you to know what my brain thinks when you say certain words, isn’t it?  This has caused many a problem.

Hmmm… I think I’m off to use this example in my presentation.  It makes a good point.


2 thoughts on “Gotta watch it!

    • LOL. Truth be told, staff is really good at it too. Always says, “Do you have a drink (Diet Mt Dew)? Snack just in case?” And I don’t think I’d ever forget my (monstrous) backpack! Anything extra, well, that poses a problem

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