Questions for no one

Is it because you blame yourself?

Is it too hard to accept that I’m not perfect?

Sorry to say, but I never was.

Are you ashamed of me?

Do you just not understand?

Do you think it’s just a phase?

Don’t you like who I am?

Well, I do.

Do you think you should have done something?

Do you think we’re overreacting?

Or are you worried that maybe you have it, too?

I wish you’d read my writing.

I wish you wouldn’t lie to your kids about me.

I wish you hadn’t changed into someone I don’t know.

Do you know I still look up to you?

Do you know I still defend you?

I refuse to let anyone speak against you.

Do you know that I’m completely torn between letting you read my feelings and cutting you off forever?

Do you even still love me?

You say you do, but I don’t feel loved.

Love means acceptance.

Love means no judgment.

Love means understanding.

What do I have to do to prove myself to you?

Even then, would you listen?



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