Living in Technicolor trailer


6 thoughts on “Living in Technicolor trailer

  1. What a wonderful book trailer! And book trailers are an ART.

    Not too long, not too short. [4:23 is about right]

    Hope lots of people now understand Living in Technicolour.

    Trying to find the right way to turn up the sound. Hearing the tone and tenor of your voice, Lydia. All I heard [that I understood as a phrase/sentence] was “extract from blog 2008”.

    Great to show the book’s cover at the beginning and the end.

    Would you consent to a Google+ hangout? It might be like a virtual book club presentation.

    PS: There’s a minor error in the “Asperger’s” video tag. Probably would click “autism” and “parenting” if I searched through YouTube and tags.

    • LOL. Actually, I never said “extract” or “2008.” I didn’t even start blogging until summer of 2009.

      I purposely put the Asperger’s tag on there, as AS is also on the spectrum.

      You turn the sound up on the bottom left-ish of the video box.

      I’m not on Google+ so I don’t know anything about it.

      • Hi Lydia!

        Basically it is a software trouble more than hardware [speakers work well, and are at a moderate volume].

        Already had the video box on the left cranked up to maximum.

        I was able to “fix” the “Wave” part of the Volume Control.

        [it has “Volume Control” {which works overall}; “Wave” {which works well with YouTube videos depending on their audio format}, “Sound Wave Synth”, “CD Player”, “Line Up”].

        So I can hear it in full. (including the bit about age-appropriate interests, and “Is it so I can be normal? So I can make friends?”).

        I am listening to the “If I could” part. And “I would tell you”.

        “I literally lose sleep over hunger, pain, death of people with no faces and no names”.

        And the bubble picture [which is your Facebook] is good, so are the words which go with it.

        Yes, Asperger syndrome is very much part of the spectrum!

        Now listening to Austin City Limits Music Festival.

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