“I’m a real girl!”

Every so often, I try to make the point that I am so much more than autism.  And every time, by the end of the post, I come back to autism.

Can’t fight city hall.

I had my heart set on a new pair of brown boots.

You see, I have… oh, four? speaking events coming up in the next two months.  The first two are small, the third is moderate sized, and the fourth, which will be paid, will be up to a few hundred people and five hours away.  It’s a big deal, and I am determined to do a bang-up job, not just for a new speaker but for any speaker.  And so, I will practice on the smaller, local groups so that I am truly prepared for the large group (not to say that I won’t do my darndest with the 5-person group as much as I will for the large group, though!).

So if you’re going to be a real speaker and if you’re going to sell books like a real author, why, you do need the right clothes to do it in, don’t you?

I’ve been revamping my image a little, lately.  Last year I lived in sweats and tees, hair cut short or pinned back.  Today, I’m wearing black capris (still stretchy in the waist, though) with a white tank, and over that a gauzy floral print, black and white top with lace.  My hair has a small braid of to the right side to keep the front back and is pulled into a low pony tail.  In typical Lydia fashion, I did wear brown sandals when we went out today with my black-based outfit, but generally, I look really nice.  No, I have no qualms about saying that.  Should I?  Too bad.  Because I look good.  I make sure that I look at least semi-professional everywhere I go, so that if I get to talking to someone or selling a book, I’ll look appropriate.

Thus, I needed a new speaking outfit.  Now, due to sensory issues and body image issues, I haven’t word a pair of jeans in about six years.  Well, not to mention that I have yet to find a pair that fits me correctly.  But I tried on and found a pair a few weeks ago.  Dark wash with contrast stitching.  Boot cut.  Oh yes, I like.

And then I got a blue with white pinstripes button down.  And over that, a 4-button khaki jacket.

So do you see why I needed some brown boots?  I have a pair of brown shoes.  They’re chipping, and they look like old lady shoes, to be honest.  I’m a pretty, 23-year-old girl.  I don’t need old lady shoes.

Enter these:

Why, yes… those would do just fine, don’t you think?  They’re Clarks, if you wondered.  I do love me some nice Clarks.

And you know what makes them extra special?  I bought them.  With my money.  And Mom didn’t even come…. staff brought me to the mall as a treat and we picked out some nice boots.

I can’t separate myself completely from autism, not even for the length of a blog post.  But I hope you’ll see that, in addition to autism, I’m also a girl who loves some cute shoes and new clothes!


4 thoughts on ““I’m a real girl!”

  1. LOVE those boots, a girl can never have too many boots! You’re sure to look and feel great in the new outfit – can’t wait to see you in it 🙂

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