Explosion of life

Life happens all at once, doesn’t it?

First, there’s the new book keeping me busy.  Well, I suppose the busiest part, the writing and editing and formatting, is done, but that starts the promoting.  If you have the means, it would be really, really cool if some people put a copy of (either of) my books into their local libraries.  I’ll be doing that at mine when my copies come in.

Speaking of libraries, that brings me to speaking.  At the end of September or beginning of October, there will be an event for local authors at my library, and I will speak.  I’m busy working on a presentation (you know me; if I’m ever going to speak that many words, I have to write it out beforehand and read it from my head) and Powerpoint and all of that.  I met a lady, the executive director of a local autism organization, that is being a huge help when it comes to all of this.  She’s publicizing my books and helping me with my speaking.  My hope is that someday soon I’ll be able to get paid for my speaking and support myself, at least to some extent… I hope.

And then there’s the bible study I’m organizing for young women on the spectrum at my church.  Believe it or not, finding a small group of Christian young women who can actively participate in such a study is not easy.  I’ve chosen a book, and I have some activities in mind.  We’ll meet once a month, starting the third Saturday in October.

Bible study at church, the regular women’s one, starts Wednesday, so there will be the whole sitting with nearly 100 women in not-that-big-of-a-space… thing.

Swimming starts back up on the 19th of September.  I can’t wait.

There’s a social group at The Woodlands that starts this Thursday.  We’re not sure if I’m “too high-functioning” to fit in there, but I hope there will be some people like me there.  It’s a very wide range of abilities and disabilites and everything in between, so hopefully I’ll do okay.

I’ll start working with Lexie in the next few weeks, too.  She’s doing really, really well at boot camp.  She sat for me, downed for me, gave me kisses when I asked for them, walked with me (it’s so cute how she turns her head and looks at me when she walks)… and she was totally excited to see me and remembered me.  Came right to me.  Mom is totally in love with her.  She’s such a happy, happy dog and she makes me happy.  Regardless of which dog ends up being mine, it will be good.

In the midst of everything going on, my brain is a very funny place these days.  Thoughts waft through and quickly disappear before I even know what they were.  Then, I find myself frantically trying to recall what was just in my mind.  It’s kind of (okay, a lot) like living in a dream world.  Actually, I often (dozens of times a day) find myself wondering whether something was a dream or real.   It’s currently 12:43 PM, and the last thing in my memory is looking at my watch at 10:12 AM yesterday while I dropped a piece of omelet (with ketchup!) on my khaki skirt.  As I sit here eating my Rice Krispies… I don’t think I’ve even eaten since then, but I can’t be sure.  I’m pretty hungry… I think.  I could also be feeling sick, which I often confuse with hunger.  And then, my memories are also filtered through the auras (I’m almost positive they’re auras, possibly to nothing, if that even happens) I experience so much of the time.  It’s like looking in a fun house mirror but trying to remember not what you saw but what was really there.  I’m not sleeping very well (I woke up at 4:30 AM yesterday, was up until 1 or 2 AM, then woke up at 4, 7, 8, 10, and 11:30, when I got out of bed).  I go between the couch and the bed many times in a night.

Not to end this post abruptly, but I’m feeling really funny, so I’m going to go… I don’t know.  Wander and lay down and get up and lay down and who knows else… until I feel better.


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