Book giveaway!

In light of my second (and hopefully third) books coming out…

I’m doing a giveaway!

Leave a comment on this post, and I’ll enter your name into a drawing to win a copy of my first book.

Thanks to the one and only Annemarie for making this possible!


6 thoughts on “Book giveaway!

  1. Hi Lydia! Just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for awhile. It’s so fascinating to hear your perspective. I would love to read your book!

  2. Hi Lydia,

    My 7 year old son was diagnosed with autism in April. I found you on a message board and have been hooked since you tried to descibe echolalia for us. I am an avid lurker at your site 🙂 I appreciate your input and try to use it to gain some insight into my son.


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