Can’t win, eh?

One night a week (it used to be Wednesdays but now it’s Thursdays), Mom comes over.  She’s usually exhausted from working all day and hasn’t eaten yet, so we pretty much eat or once she just crashed on the couch.  Me, I’m just thrilled that Mom’s here in any form and grateful that she takes the time to come despite her tiredness.  A happy duck; that’s me.

So this week when she came over, having forgotten my laundry and everything that was in the basket, not having eaten, and being very tired, her first concern was some dinner.  We went to McDonald’s so she could get a salad and me a Diet Coke.  I didn’t have speech at the time, or at least not much of it, and she couldn’t hear my iPod in the McD’s, so we were just quiet.  Mom’s here, Mom’s here; happy duck.

Then, we went to Kohl’s.  Kohl’s, you see, sends out gift cards ($10 good toward anything in the store!) every few months, and I had one.  Those cards burn holes in my pocket, I tell you.  I didn’t need anything, but I love feeling like I have the store at my disposal and looking around.  I always find something!

Thus, after Mom finished eating, we went on to Kohl’s.  I was nebbing in the clearance racks and Mom was nearby… or so I thought.  I turned around and couldn’t find her anywhere.

Mom!  Mom!  Nope.

Now, maybe I should explain something.  When I’m in my apartment or in a small car, all my senses are basically straight; I see lights and hear sounds and feel touch.  But, when I get in large spaces, when breeze blows, when there are harsh lights or lots of colors or people or motion… things get wacky.  I lose the sense of where my body is in space and I run into things, but it feels like things are jumping out to get me.  The lights hurt, my head hurts, my ears hurt.  It’s like being underwater and trying to see what’s above.  Confusing, it is.

So anyhow, something like losing Mom when I’m already a confused mess is not good.  My eyes started to burn with tears.  Mom!  Ugh.

Finally, I saw her, about 40 feet away in some other clothes.  I hit my leg, I yelled from quite a distance, I wonder if people weren’t looking at me.  But, Mom was found; all was well.

After yelling at Mom (which, in my right mind- not in a store- I wouldn’t do), she asked if I wanted her to follow me to the underwear.  I said yes.

To the underwear we went.  I was looking at something, and I stepped back, and Mom was RIGHT.  THERE.  On top of me, practically.  She was RIGHT behind me.

Squeal, whine, hold ears… too close!

“You said you wanted me to follow you!”

Too close!

Oi vey.  If it’s not chicken, it’s feathers.


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