I have some pretty awesome friends in this autism world of ours.  Now, I wish I could take a day and write about how cool each and every one of them really is, but, well, we’d be here forever.  And that, like many things that are seemingly insignificant, is huge for this autistic girl.  You see, I don’t do so well with friendships.  I’m not even sure why that is, and I’m not so sure if I do the same (wrong) things online or not.  But at least among all you ASD moms and kids, I have found community, and that’s just awesome.

So anyway, back to my point, my friend MO’N over at Full Soul Ahead, is one awesome autism mama.  Now, we have different perspectives on a lot of things, but my respect for her as a mom who is raising incredible kids, as a special needs parent, as a woman, or heck, just as another human, is huge. 

One of the things Michelle has taught me is about rampages of appreciation.  I just had a spur-of-the-moment one in a chat with Mrs. E, and I thought I’d continue it here for you, too, to read.  I know I complain a lot, so hey, how about a change of pace?

Not to rehash where we’ve already been, but my friends are too cool.  I may not have “typical” friendships, being that I haven’t met all but two of the people I call friends, but I have found people who accept and appreciate me for who I am, and I for who they are.  We come far from agreeing on everything about faith, life, and ASD, but I know these people have my back.

I know this is old news, but I can never miss an opportunity to gush about my cat.  She’s been getting fur up my nose all evening as she asks for food by shoving her cat (as opposed to her person) in my face.  Silly cat.  I love her.

I’m getting a service dog.  Did you hear that?  Me!  A service dog!  My trainers are really neat, talented, caring people, totally a pleasure to work with.

I have staff.  I know staff and I have our differences, but really, the fact that I have staff at all is celebratory, as so many people in so many parts of the world do not.  I am grateful for my staff.

I have communication at (almost) all times.  I know that I can’t always speak, but I do not feel like I am at any sort of disadvantage because I can type, and that is a very good thing.  I have my iPod which goes everywhere with me, and I never need to worry now that I will be out and lose speech and won’t have a way to communicate. 

I never do without.  I know I live on very little money, but things always, always work out (this is mostly via a vehicle known as Mom…).  I can eat GFCF, I got a third pair of summer shoes last week, and I even have four (count them- FOUR!) American Girl dolls now (a friend who I shall leave anonymous made it possible for me to get Addy!).  I have the big things, clothes and shoes, and the little things, like dry-erase paint to turn my wall into a white board (Sister went on the Martha Stewart show and got it). 

Also thanks to Sister and Brother, as of Monday I will be hooked up with a wireless router!  Words With Friends, here I come, at my leisure as opposed to just one day a week at Mom’s!

I saw sensory-friendly Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 today and only had to wear earplugs for about half the movie.  My ears were happy.


I need to remember to do that every so often.  It feels good.



3 thoughts on “Rampage

  1. Oh, Lydia, your life seems to be changing in ways that suit just exactly who you are. Every time I read a new post that tells about these wonderful changes, I rejoice for you! Keep on a-movin’ forward, gal.

  2. So many wonderful things – reading this makes me think about the people (and animals) in my life that make me happy!

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