Life with Autism 101

So, whether it’s due to meds or what have you we don’t really know, but I drink a lot.  Like, really, a lot, a lot.  Like today, I woke up and had a 24-ounce of Diet Mountain Dew, had one on the way to speech, had one after speech (because hey, I’d been talking!), had one after lunch, drank some glasses of water, drank a big glass of juice, and will drink 1-2 liters of noncaffeinated, noncolored diet soda before bed.

I told you, a lot, right?

Well, as I was drinking my V8 Fusion, I noticed something weird on the bottom of my cup.  First I thought the cup had gotten misshapen, and then I thought… hmm, I don’t think I washed this cup today.  Come to think of it “wash juice cup” is not on my cleaning chart, so when was the last time I’d washed it?  March, perhaps?

Yep, I was sure.  It was mold.

So, I gagged, and I put the cup in the sink to soak with hot water and soap.

Then I sat back down at my computer and thought about how gross that was.  I called Mom, who said it wouldn’t hurt me, so that much is good.  Crisis averted.  Hung up the phone.

Next thing I knew, I had a mouthful of soap.  Not just any soap either, but dish soap with bleach alternative.  It burned.  Oh, gross.  So, so gross.

Drank some more juice (not out of the cup this time!).  No help.

Tried some Diet Sierra Mist.  Nada.

Only one thing to do!  “Mom, I have soap!  Fix it!  Mom!”

“Lyd, brush your teeth.”

Can’t make this stuff up people.


Oh, and just for kicks, Leigh’s birthday present (a photo collage I made and sent to Walmart to get printed)… is in Arkansas.  No wonder when I keep going to pick it up, Walmart tells me they don’t have it.  “But you called!”   That’d be cause it’s in Arkansas.  AK, PA… yep, I can see how they got that confused, can’t you?


2 thoughts on “Life with Autism 101

  1. Yeah, it did. I’m not exactly in tune with what my body’s doing a lot of the time… it’s highly possible that I licked my hand or bit it without realizing… and there was soap on it from soaking the cup. Still, not sure why I was biting/licking my hand, exactly.

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