So I’m trying to post a (totally unrelated…) picture of Elsie, but it’s freaking the whole post out.  Perhaps I’ll try again at the end, if I remember by then.

Speaking of remembering, I forget what my point was.  I keep getting ideas then forgetting what they were.  Talk about frustrating, eh?

There’s something about posting something big, or ineffable, or even just very serious, that leaves me silent for a while afterward.  I said, on Twitter, that it’s like having a baby… you need a break and can’t repeat the same feat over again for quite a while. 

I went to speech therapy (which may occasionally slip through my fingers as ST, for those of you who don’t know what that means) today for the first time.  I was very, very nervous.

The most important thing is that the SLP confirmed my need to type.  She said that communication should never be frustrating, lest I begin to give up altogether.  She says that typing is a perfectly valid means of communication, a popular one at that, and that if I am stuck, or frustrated, or overwhelmed, or shutting down, that I am not to drive myself crazy but to type

So, once we’re all on the same page… easy, right?

Well, gosh, see, now I’m all shy about it!  I know that some people think I need to talk and not type (nevermind that sometimes I simply can’t talk, so I don’t understand this sentiment), so now I’m afraid to type for them.  I’ve fought for this, and now I’m scared.  I know (or rather, I fear) what they will be thinking if I type.  I may actually need to be encouraged and reassured in order to type for them, and I just don’t know if they’ll go that far.

Oi vey.

(Edit: Totally forgot that photo of Elsie!  Here, I’ll try again.)


2 thoughts on “Made

  1. Good that your therapist sees beyond verbal, and I would encourage you to express yourself and engage with people anyway you feel comfortable. It’s what everyone else does after all!

    and you have one crazy cat! 😀

  2. I understand Lydia. Hopefully you will become less shy about typing as time goes on.

    I LOVE the picture of Elsie 🙂 She’s pretty darned cute 😉

    Mrs. E.

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