The many faces of kitty cat

If I had to put a number on it, like really had to, I’d guess that, on a good day, one out of every eight utterances is “kitty cat” or related words.  On a bad day, more like one out of every three.  But that’s just a guess.

Why, you ask?  What does it mean?

Sometimes it means, “I’m happy.”

Or, “Thank you for making it possible for me to have my cat, Mom.”

Or, “I want you to say how pretty my cat is because I’m trying to make conversation but I don’t know how.”

Or, “I’m really getting anxious and I want to get home now.”

Or, “I’m so exciting I’m just bursting at the seams!”

Or, “I’m super nervous about something and I’m trying to comfort myself.”

Or, “I’m sad and I’m trying to cheer myself up.”

Do you get the idea?

Now.  Let’s get one thing straight, here.  This does not give you, nor anyone, permission to play emotions-detective with me and ask me, “What do you REALLY mean?” every single time I say kitty cat.  Cause really?  That’s kind of, aka really, annoying.  If you can more discretely help me figure out what I actually mean (because, honestly, sometimes I don’t even know), that can be okay, but I don’t like to be pestered about my emotions every time I turn around, since they confuse and overwhelm me.

One other thing before I go.  I had a speech eval this morning.  I think I did well on the tests, except the one where I had to tell what the idiom meant when used in a sentence… nope, didn’t do so well there.  But I guess the SLP noticed some things, as she recommends speech therapy twice a week.  I gave her a letter outlining my difficulties, and she read it (like, really read it) and actually listened when I asked her to speak slowly, and then said that she completely understands why I have the troubles I have (due to sensory processing issues taking up all my brain space- my words, not hers, exactly).  And lastly, she said that my issues are very, very common for people with ASD.  She’s also recommending Sensory Integration Therapy by an OT.

This busy girl just got significantly busier.

Oi vey.  Er, kitty cat?


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