Counting successes

So, I warn you: The following is unrelated to successes at all.  But it’s funny, and I do believe it’s autism related, so I will tell you.

Elsie P bites at me when she wants to eat, including when I’m sleeping.  This is annoying, and it hurts.  I’ve tried squirting her, and she doesn’t budge.  Come on, cat, really?

So the other night, I got an idea.  I was in one of my fogs (okay, I’m often in a fog, but I was really, really in one right then).  I ate a snack so that she wouldn’t get hungry.  Do you need to read that again, or did you catch it?  I ate a snack so that she wouldn’t get hungry.  It was a few hours before I was typing something about it and realized how silly it was. 

So, autism- 1, Lydia-0.

But oh, it doesn’t end there.

Today, staff was here.  My ears were getting tired.  So what did I do?

I asked for a break.

I. Asked. For. A. Break.

Now, I’ve taken many a break when staff is here.  I take breaks (mostly to the bathroom, where I hide) from church stuff, from… everything.  But not once in my memory have I ever asked for a break. 

Booyah.  AAAAnd, Lydia’s makin’ a comeback!


4 thoughts on “Counting successes

  1. Re: “autism – 1, Lydia – 0”

    I once yelled at somebody for calling me on the cell phone while I was driving a very congested highway curve : )

    autism -1 Cindy – 0

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