Things I say

Top I don’t know how many I’ll come up with things I say, not in order… my everyday language, most especially when I’m at home, leaving home, or coming home, is peppered with these phrases, probably seemingly randomly (that’s a lot of adverbs!).  They all have the exact same intonation every time I say them.  For the most part, they come out when I don’t need them and don’t come out when they’re appropriate, though sometimes they do make perfect sense.  They’re all either echolalia (repeating others’ words), palilalia (repeating my own words), or rote-learned phrases.

1. Hi, Els.

2. Elsie Penelope!

3. Kitty cat!

4. Lexi Mae!

5. Hi (this slips out randomly in conversation without my meaning it to)

6. Nothankyou! (said emphatically and as one word)

7. Hi my mom

8. Please (I say it to mean yes, so I say it a lot, but I also say it when it’s not necessary and don’t say it when it is… oi vey)

9. Oi vey!

10. Youwouldn’tdothatplease! (AKA, stop it!)… usually followed by..

11. YOU HURT MY EARS! or THAT HURTS MY EARS! or MY EARS HURT! or incoherent whining due to ears hurting


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