SSI: Results!

I was sooo nervous!  Shaking and everything.

I was rocking the whole time, had to be reminded nearly constantly to answer verbally and not “mm-hmm” or a nod, had to be told to speak up all the time… I was afraid someone was going to yell but they were patient.

Attorney: Any friends in college?
Lydia: One.
A: What did you do with that friend?
L: Studied mostly.
A: And for fun?
L: Pet the cats at the music store.
A: Any extracurriculars?
L: No.
A: Any sorority?
L: No.
A: Any dates?
L: No. (NO FREAKING WAY, but I didn’t go there)
Judge: How about dances?
L: No.  Too loud and too many people.
A: So what did you do?
L: Stayed in my room.

Somewhere around that point, the judge stopped us and said she didn’t need to hear more.

The judge didn’t even hear all the testimony, my mom never even came in, and she made her decision.

She did ask the vocational specialist one question, which was as follows: “This individual would need up to 5 reminders to follow any given directions, would need to be isolated from the public and coworkers, would need a one-on-one job coach, and would need 3 scheduled breaks in addition to 2-3 additional unscheduled breaks.  Is there any work this individual could perform in our country or our region?”

“No, your honor.”

Oh my, that sounds extreme, doesn’t it?  Really, nothing?  Had she made a suggestion, you know me, I would’ve been off to research doing that job… but nothing?


We thanked her and left.

And my attorney explained that it was a success, because if they don’t hear all the testimony or don’t ask the vocational specialist a bunch of questions, then it’s a mistrial and they have to repeat it or we can appeal. 

He also thanked me for giving him such a good autism-education, because he’s never worked with someone with ASD before. 

So, it’s a go!

Say it with me? LEXI MAE!


6 thoughts on “SSI: Results!

  1. So does this mean you get what you need? You don’t need to go through more “processing”? You get the dog?? YAY!!!!! When I think back to how you were whe we first “met” you are so much further forward now.

    Good things DO happen to good people 🙂

    • I’ll get about $700 a month (nowhere NEAR poverty level), which, while ridiculous to expect someone to live on, is lightyears ahead of what I’m living on now. It means Mom won’t have to pay for every little thing I want/need/do, though she’ll still have to help. Also, yes more processing… because the decision isn’t final until it’s in my hand, which could take up to 6 months. I won’t actually see money for months yet, either. But yes, I’ll get my dog 🙂 Am a happy, and very tired, girl.

  2. Yay, congrats!

    I just successfully filed for unemployment this week. (I’d done so unsuccessfully once before.) A little disappointed that for the first time since college I couldn’t support myself with either a job or savings? Yes. A little proud of myself for getting through the online mindblowing labyrinth that is the unemployment application? Yes.

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