SSI hearing

My hearing is at 10:30.

Have to be downtown to the lawyer’s office at 8.

Means leaving the house at 6:15 to get to Mom’s by 6:45 because she only “kind of” knows where she’s going.

So why am I up at 4?  Because I have a cat that throws up almost every night around 4 AM and then starts bugging me for breakfast once she’s up.  So that means I’m up, because now I’m nervous.

I’m nervous about the outcome, but more than that, I’m nervous because I’ve been told that Mom can’t come into the courtroom with me and that I can’t have my iPod in the courtroom because it takes photos.  So here I will be, with no means of real communication and no Mom to help me out.  In a way, I suppose it’s a good thing cause they’ll see more of how I struggle, but really… I’d rather not.

Also, silly has this is, I’m upset that they’ll take my backpack from me.  It provides pressure on my shoulders that I like, and I don’t like being separated from it.  Also, it has my little stuffed Lexi Mae in it, and I want that.  Maybe I can just carry the Lexi into the courtroom?  I’m kind of past caring about looking silly at this point; I’m just trying to avoid meltdown.


2 thoughts on “SSI hearing

  1. Good luck Lydia! Take the stuffed dog with you: if they’re mean enough not to let you have any support you shouldn’t care whether they think you look silly! Also, if small enough, you could stuff her in a pocket – security and pressure!

    • Took the Lexi, and while the security guard took her out and looked at her funny… I was allowed to take my backpack AND iPod in. The dog stayed in the backpack and I was fine with that. I didn’t even think to use my iPod. My words were… okay…

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