Meet Lexi Mae

Well… I was going to wait until the trainer got a picture to me… but I can’t.  I’m too bursting with excitement. 

Lexi Mae will be my dog!  She is a black Lab, they think a mix of English and American but has a broad face like English Labs do.  She’s small for 10 months, just 34 pounds.  She was living with a family and two other dogs in WV, but they couldn’t afford vet care for her so she’d never seen a vet, but she was never abused and doesn’t act like she was, they tell me.  She’s a bit shy as she’s never lived in a real neighborhood, so she gets a little uncertain at all the new smells and sounds, but she’s adjusting really fast.  She’s eating well and gaining some weight that she needed.  She LOVES people and bonds well, asks for belly rubs and loves to lay her head in your lap.

It will be 8 to 12 months before she comes home, but I’ll get to meet her once she’s had the rest of her shots and stuff.

I got to see her picture and she’s honestly the cutest dog I’ve ever seen.  I’m totally in love.

Now, some of you may have caught via Facebook or Twitter that we had run the numbers and I couldn’t afford vet bills for a dog.  Well… big news, you ready?

No more car.  Not sure what that takes effect, but honestly, I won’t miss the thing.  I’m not a good driver because I’m a space cadet, and I hate to drive, and I hate to take care of a car.  I now have staff 38 hours/week, so they can take me where I need to go.  I think I’ve stopped at the grocery store once without staff in the past 3 months, and that’s it.  I really don’t need a car, and it will save me $200.  Also, as I pointed out to Mom and she agreed, getting rid of a car now doesn’t mean I’ll never have one.  It just means that at least for the next year or two, I won’t.

How do I feel about that?


Funny, isn’t it?  Less independence, but feel more freedom.  I won’t try to analyze or make sense of it.  Just reporting, here.

I can’t wait to get pictures of Lexi Mae to you.  When I meet her, I’ll have Mom take some pictures of us together.  I can’t WAIT!


3 thoughts on “Meet Lexi Mae

  1. Now that is a good use of staff!

    And I hope you take Lexi Mae for lots of walks.

    “Less independence, more freedom”.

    Freedom is just as important as independence, if not more so. If you don’t have freedom, what independence you have doesn’t mean much.

    And another living being has freedom and independence under your and Elsie’s watch.

    It’s interesting reading about Lexi Mae’s adjustment to your neighbourhood!

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