Business cards, cause I’m cool like that

Where to start?  I’m on Mom’s computer, which types funny, so this will be slower than usual.

Today, Mom took me to an event held by a local organization called Venture Outdoors (the event was Autism Outdoors); it was just for people with ASD and their families to do outdoor activities.  First we kayaked (AWESOME!), then we sorta rode bikes only I couldn’t so Mom went around once and came back, then we did a bit of geocaching but not too much due to my fractured foot, and then we did sensory stuff (bubbles, big bins of rice and beans, I forget what else).  It was great.

Then mom got me a thing of beads at Joann Fabrics so I can make her a bracelet (staff got Sculpey clay for us to make beads tomorrow!), then the pet store for Elsie P’s food, then had to go to my house because I knocked my pump site out on the car door, then out to eat (yummy potato pancakes!), then to the library.

All before noonish!

Sorry for the play-by-play, but I do so many fun things that I want to share!
So anyway, I posted a query on the message board about the nosy neighbor, John.  One of the ladies recommended having business cards to hand out when this sort of thing happens, and I thought it was worth a shot.  So, Mom and I got business card paper at the store (also before noon!) and  I wrote the message for the cards.  Her printer’s broken and mine’s been broken for years, so she’ll have to print them this week at work.

They say:

I have autism.  Autism is a disorder that affects my abilities to communicate and socialize and causes me to have restricted interests.  It does not affect my intelligence!  Speaking can be very stressful for me at times, and you may notice that I respond inappropriately when you speak to me.  Please be patient with me.

– Lydia (

I had to question Mom about responding inappropriately, because I wasn’t aware that I did that… but she didn’t seem to want to explain.  Oh well.  Another day.

In other news, I’m flat out fed up at the vaccine controversy.  I haven’t done enough real research to make up my mind, so I’m setting out to do that.  What annoys me is people who have no clue what they’re talking about (and I can tell because they say idiotic things), and also people who DO seem to know what they’re talking about who call me “obtuse” for not siding with them after one or two exchanges.  Whereas I love a good intellectual debate, some people just want to change your mind in a heartbeat and forget the exchange of information.  I might read every bit of info available on the subject including medical journals and STILL not feel as if I have enough information to make up my mind.  I am not going to make such a decision because you say “vaccines are poisonous,” and that’s that.  It’s not that simple!

I’m not going to post my research findings in any detail on my blog, but if you want to know what I’m up to, please email me and I’ll keep you abreast of what I’m learning… so far, so interesting!


3 thoughts on “Business cards, cause I’m cool like that

    • I’ve looked into the whole “vaccines contain tissue from aborted fetuses” thing, which, while true, it’s not that black and white. I can email you some of what I’ve learned. It’s interesting.

  1. The whole autism/vaccine debate is something I steer clear of voicing a public opinion in because people are just so vehement about it. I’d be interested to know what you find out tho…

    Sounds like you had a great day with your mum, and business cards? Hey, it’s the way you roll Lydia!!

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