>The biggest decision I’ve ever made

>Editor’s note: I can’t get the spacing to cooperate… I’ll mess with it again later and see if it works. Sorry it’s obnoxious to the eyes… just bear with me! I’m trying to think of a decision I’ve made in my life that is bigger than this one. It seems like anything that compares in enormity was a decision that was made for me or one that was so obvious that it didn’t involve any thought. An example of this is where I wanted to go to college… there was one school, and only one, that interested me. It was rather difficult to get into, but if I didn’t get in, I would reapply each semester until I did. Thankfully, this turned out not to be an issue. Anyway, the Big Decision is whether my next animal will be a cat or a dog. The one I choose will be my best friend for the next 10-15 years. What’s the difference? you might ask. Well, let me tell you! I am strictly a cat person. I love cats. I am obsessed with them. I am more than obsessed with them. Cats are my reason for living, quite literally, sometimes. Don’t want to eat? Have to, because my kitty needs me. Don’t want to get help? Have to be healthy, because that cat depends on me. I need, need, need cats. But then… a dog, if I got one, would be a service dog. He or she (I hope she) would go everywhere with me. She would not be pet but rather a friend in fur, kind of like Elsie is now. I could depend on her and she would keep me from panicking when I go out. She could really, really change my life. Could I learn to love a dog (note, I do not need to learn to love dogs in general, just my own, one dog) as I love Elsie? Is that possible for me? This is a very hard decision.


4 thoughts on “>The biggest decision I’ve ever made

  1. >That does sound like a big decision. If you do like dogs in general, then I would think you could definitely bond with a dog of your own, and a dog could go with you so many places that a cat can't in the same way.I like the idea of having both a cat and a dog; maybe you could have a regular cat and a service dog.

  2. >Dogs are a totally different type of responsibilty then cats. They need much more attention, they need to be taken out to go to the bathroom instead of just using a litter box. They are louder then cats. Cats are way more independent then dogs. We have 2 cats and had a dog also. We ended up giving the dog away because we could not provide him with all the attention he needed. I would say that if you dont have a love for dogs right now and you really love cats I would stick with the cat. Do you know of anyone who has a dog that you could do a trial run with? This is all just my opinion of course and I just wanted to offer it to you

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