>Here goes nothin’

>You know that song? “Going on a jet plane…” Except I’m not going on a jet plane; I’m going on a bus. And I’m not getting married… my friend Jen is getting married to another J.

In case there was any doubt in your mind, I don’t travel well. In fact, I travel so poorly that Mom doesn’t really want me to go on this trip. She’s afraid I’ll fall apart due to the disruption in routine.

But I figured that while I may regret going and the ensuing falling apart, I know I will forever regret it if I don’t see Jenny get married. It’s too important. I have to try.

So, we’re pulling out all the stops. Mom wrote me a Social Story, basically, about the traveling parts of the trip. She labeled all the bus and hotel papers I need and highlighted the important numbers. I got the next Elsie Dinsmore book at the library (#5), and I’m saving it for the trip. I’ll bring Tigger and a couple of cats. I’ll bring my daily devotional book. I’ll even bring my own pillow (after all, the bus leaves at 6-something AM).

Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “>Here goes nothin’

  1. >HI Lydia This is Chloe's Dad. I know that your decision to go on a bus trip was very hard to make, I am aware of the personal trials that the trip will force on you .I just want to let you know that I think you are a brave lady.It was kind of your MOM to write you a social story.I will try and rember that good idea if Chloe has to go on a trip.Best of luck Mr. Elgin.

  2. >GO LYDIA!!!Preparation is key in my experience with Scrumpy and Bear so good for you and good on your mum for supporting you.Sending happy thoughts always!

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