>10 reasons to get anxious. fast.

>1. There are people talking or singing (which happens at church sometimes) behind me.

2. Dogs are barking.

3. Children are screaming, squealing, screeching.

4. Elsie doesn’t come when I call her.

5. Leigh stops texting, mid conversation. Just stops. (I’m not blaming Leigh here. It’s bound to happen sometimes. It just makes me anxious).

6. My boss says, “I need to talk to you.” Oh heck, my boss says anything in my direction.

7. My stepdad says, “LYDIA!!!!” from across the house.

8. The mail doesn’t come on a holiday. I know it’s not supposed to, but I still wish it would.

9. I don’t have my phone on me to text.

10. Alton Brown isn’t on when he’s supposed to be. 11pm.


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