>I’m going out to lunch with my mentor from church tomorrow. She’s absolutely fabulous, but I’m really concerned about keeping up my end of the conversation. My mom always…. searching for a word other than complains…. ah, points out that it’s almost impossible to have a real conversation with me because I don’t hold up my end. Sometimes I’ll willingly talk for a few exchanges, and then I just run out of words and completely quit. I can talk about Elsie, but I always say the same things and I’m guessing my mentor is starting to notice. Also, I hate to talk and eat. I like to eat my food and only eat my food. It’s too hard to focus on talking when I’m trying to eat, and I gave up many years ago. So when I eat, I do it in silence. Tomorrow, I will have to manage both talking and eating. And I’ll have to make sure I use my manners for both.

Why did I ever agree to this lunch thing? So much to go wrong!


5 thoughts on “>Nervous

  1. >Hey, she's your mentor. The clue is in the title. I very much doubt she will mind what ever you manage to do or not do, she's your mentor and there to teach you things. Relax and think of Elsie. 😀

  2. >That's so great that you have a mentor. Thanks for the idea – I will have to look into finding one for my son! P.S. I know what you mean about eating and talking at the same time. For me, it's often because when I finally sit down to dinner I'm too tired to talk! But the focus part is understandable too. Hope you enjoyed your lunch!

  3. >I hope it went well. When Riley was in school, she had lunches where the teacher would have a topic box. Each kid at the table (small tables of maybe 4 or 5)would have a turn to pick from the topic box, and it helped the conversation flow to talk about the topic at hand. I wonder if you could have a few topics up your sleeve for such occassions? Maybe you've already tried something like this.

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