>Things to do

>Thing to do when you’ve been in the hospital for 2 full weeks and get a 8-hour pass at home:

1. Eat Mexican food

2. Go to the toy store to get a painting book and silly putty to share with friends on the unit when you get back.

3. Go to the craft store to get a paint-by-numbers to occupy your time (cats, of course).

4. Come home. Hug kitty immediately. Do not put her down. She will purr excessively.

5. Eat a couple of Christmas candies, finally.

6. Paint your nails a pretty pinkish red shade to brighten your spirit

7. Open Christmas gifts with the family. Put on the pearl necklace from India and use the pretty lip gloss immediately. You will feel better.

8. Make a gingerbread house with your mom. It will collapse. That’s okay.

9. Take a shower in your own shower. Shave your legs, finally.

10. Return to the hospital, rejuvenated. Refreshed. Ready for round 2, even if it turns out to be long. Hold onto you faith; you’ll need it more than ever. You can do this.


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