>Big news!

>My Medicaid is open today! Praise the Lord!

I was about the lose my health insurance as of December 1st, and I need surgery, so I was really getting scared. But God came through and brought me health insurance! I’m okay!

Next order of prayer business, if you have a moment: I need to get through until January with no job. I was supposed to start a job in the beginning of December, but there’s no point in starting it just to have to take off because of the surgery for a few weeks. So, I’m not going to start in December. I’m going to wait until January. Mom is going to call the family friend I was going to work for and see if she’ll still have work for me in January. If not, I’ll have to go on a job search again. I hate job searching. I’m hoping and praying that the job is still available in the beginning of January. Would you hope and pray too, please?


2 thoughts on “>Big news!

  1. >I'm more of a positive happy thoughts person and those are flying your way 😀 It's always best to start a new venture fighting fit so hope the delay sets you up for a fantastic new adventure.

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