>Slowing down and looking up

>We’ve found a great solution to a lot of the stress… slowing down!

Take today, for example. We got up a little later (8:30?), got ready a little slower, went to Hollywood Studios around 10, did just three rides, then had lunch were we’d made reservations. I got a little pixie dust, and they gave me free chocolate gelato for dessert… sooo good! Then, having done the big things we wanted to do at that park, we headed back to the resort for a big break. Around 5pm, we went to Epcot. We did a ride, had dinner, did two more rides, then realized that my sister had left my mom’s wallet sitting somewhere and had to track that down. I wore earplugs for most of Epcot, which was a good thing because fireworks caught me totally off guard! We were far away though, and everyone had crowded near them, so it was really empty and my ears were plugged, leaving me pretty comfortable. It made for about six or so hours in the parks without moving very fast, but it was so much calmer!

We’ve had our share of Disney magic, too! Last night, we went to get a Diet Coke (I’m a full-blown addict), and I had to pay with a card because my mom, who was off watching a noisy parade, had my sister’s money. The guy just let us take it. Then, today, the gelato. Of course, my GAC sure seems like a huge dose of magic, when I’m about to melt down and getting on a ride lets me avoid that! The feeling of rides is actually very, very calming. I love it. Unfortunately, I want to ride the same ride six times in a row, and no one else wants to do that. Why not?!

So, we are getting a system, and things are calming down. Even in the midst of my meltdowns, I was having a great time! I absolutely LOVE Disney, it’s just a tough environment autism-wise, I guess, especially with people who aren’t the most understanding. Tomorrow, we’re going to sleep in and then hang out around the resort… there is a huge lazy river around this place somewhere that we want to check out.

Have I mentioned that I miss my kitty? Do I need to?


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